For international livestock infection quarantine Research and Education Center

The Center was established in April 2011 to aim the eradication of internationally important livestock infection. Important livestock infectious disease research department, infectious disease epidemiology elucidation department, and is made up of livestock infection economic analysis studies elucidate sector and a total of four department of planning and coordination department. As well as carry out the overseas research and advanced and effective technology development, produced a human resources you have deepened the knowledge about the importance livestock infection, by practicing the epidemic prevention activities, such as infectious disease endemic areas of the country, infectious diseases across borders It is the goal to build effectively suppress possible regime of occurrence. Veterinary epidemiology, veterinary hygiene, epidemiology, animal health economics, international infection control Theory and education research, joint research, lectures students, trainees, students with overseas research institutes and universities on the importance infectious disease epidemic prevention -training education, and the importance of infectious diseases research foot-and-mouth disease, we are social activities, such as university public lectures。

The Mission of the Center

1. training of human resources
If the important livestock infection occurs, it can be taught, such as placement of materials and people in the field, with an international sense and leadership ability, and training the livestock infection epidemic prevention experts to be the immediate use.
2. contribution to the establishment of the livestock industry security and livestock products stable supply system of our country
Accept the trainees, research student from Japan’s veterinary universities and companies, and build a human resources training and livestock infection epidemic prevention network with leadership ability towards infectious diseases epidemic and international sensation.
3. contribution to the international contributions and international exchange in Japan
By responding to the request of the establishment and technical cooperation and human resources development such as veterinary and livestock-based universities and research institutes of the country, to build the international livestock infection epidemic prevention network, it is assumed stronger ties between Japan and neighboring countries, livestock with the aim of sharing of infectious disease occurrence information.  

Contribution to the research theme and society