Organization and system

The Center, which is composed of (1) important livestock infectious diseases research department, (2) infectious diseases epidemiology elucidation research department, (3) livestock infection economic analysis studies department and (4) 4 department of planning and coordination department, , business contents of each department has been as follows.
Department nameBusiness
1. Important livestock infectious disease research departmentPest control methods and prevention research and the transfer and dissemination of the latest diagnostic prevention technology with a focus on the important livestock epidemic.
2. infectious diseases epidemiology elucidation research departmentInfectivity is strong, the epidemic that spread across the border to study and distribution routes and human movement of the endemic areas of livestock, elucidation of the infection route.
3. livestock infection economic analysis research departmentResearch and agricultural management form important livestock epidemic occurs, such as the planning of economic damage prediction and economic support measures at the time of occurrence, reveals study the economic damage caused by the epidemic occurrence.
4. Planning and Coordination DivisionPlanning and Coordination relating to the acceptance of cooperation planning and coordination and international students with overseas research institutes and universities.

About cooperation agency

FAMS Iwate University Faculty of Agriculture affiliation animal medicine Food Safety Education and Research Center: I am supported by both the center joint veterinary department.