Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology University of Agriculture and international livestock infectious disease epidemic prevention research and education center, was established in April 2011. The impetus of the establishment, it is the occurrence of infectious disease foot and mouth disease of cattle in Miyazaki Prefecture in March 2010. Foot-and-mouth disease is an important livestock infectious disease, it is a disease hoof is even a cloven-hoofed (cattle, pigs, goats, sheep) is infected. Infection Then mouth mucosa and tongue, made blisters on the hoof, it is no longer able to walk or to eat food by the pain, it will not even stick meat. The amount of milk will be depleted in dairy cattle. For cattle is a major animal called cattle, pigs, goats, sheep is victimized by infection, damage to be given to the livestock is enormous. The foot-and-mouth disease has a strong contagious, because it is said to be transported is Ru by wind, killing the animal you think you are infected with, method to prevent the disease is contagious has been first tiger. Since such, in the occurrence of foot-and-mouth disease in 2010 of Miyazaki Prefecture, is sacrificed is head 288,643, direct losses and is said to have up to 235 billion yen. Therefore, promoting the study of foot-and-mouth 疫等 important livestock infectious diseases research, such as epidemic prevention measures prophylaxis necessary in research institutes and universities and in the field of Southeast Asia is an endemic of foot-and-mouth disease in the joint, internationally advanced and effective techniques as well as performing the surgery development, it has produced these human resources that deepen their knowledge about the disease, and the like ordinary Hometown and endemic areas of the foot-and-mouth disease by the, to practice infection across borders with neighboring countries (Asia) by that for the purpose of building a system that can effectively suppress the occurrence of, it was carried with such Rimashi international livestock infectious disease epidemic prevention research and education center will be established. Therefore, in the organizational structure, such as the following, it has decided to be established.